I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Parishas a new furever home.
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House trained: Yes

Noise level: Quiet

Hey there I'm Paris and I’m all about spreading joy and chilling out! Let me tell you about my favorite things. Outdoors? Oh you betcha! Whether it's chasing after a ball exploring new trails or just feeling the wind in my fur during a walk I'm all in. Also sniffing! I love to smell and try to visit other houses on walks. I stick my nose through as many gates as possible to try and say hello to whoever is on the other side of the fence. I haven't spent much time on a leash but I am learning. I am sometimes very opinionated about the direction I want to go!

My hoomans say I'm a silly girl and honestly they're spot on. Life's too short to be serious all the time right? I've got this knack for making everyone around me smile and I'm not afraid to show off my playful side.

My hoomans also say I'm part cow because of my beautiful spots. I am gentle like a cow and love pets and belly rubs. I will happily let you pet me! You know what else I love? Attention. Any and all that you're willing to share I'll gladly accept. And guess what? I'm not just a taker; I'm a giver too.

I feel safest in small corners and under tables. When I am scared (lightning and thunder for sure) I back myself into a corner or hang out under the dining room table. I have never lived in a house before but I have mastered stairs and have come to realize the joy of curling up on a couch or on a dog bed near my hooman or other dog friend.

I go potty in the backyard. I am very smart - I have trained my hoomans about my ques - scratching the door with my paws or hitting a bell attached to the door. I haven't yet learned that urban dogs go potty on walks. That is a work in progress.

I can’t wait to find my forever home where I can share all the love I’ve got to give!

My foster guardian says: Paris is a moderate-energy sweetheart who enjoys playing with other pups, sniffing around on long walks and soaking up the sun on her bed. She's good with kids and dogs but hasn't been tested with cats. Paris is terrified of thunderstorms but loves to play and relax in the sun. She's a smart girl who's already housetrained and has basic training, although she could use some work on not pulling on the leash and sitting. With her affectionate and playful nature, Paris would thrive in a loving home with older considerate kids and maybe even another dog companion.

Likes: belly rubs, playing with other dogs, sleeping in the sun on her bed, playing with socks/shinguards, playing with kids, food but not really treats

Dislikes: thunder, not a big fan of rain or cloudy days, and does not like being told where to go on walks

My ideal home: I don’t need a lot of space or a yard as long as my humans take me out when I give them my cue. I could do well in a variety of homes.

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