I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Clydehas a new furever home.
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Special needs: Clyde has carpal varus, a bone condition, in both of his front legs. He will have this condition for the rest of his life and will always have limited mobility. He will also likely develop arthritis as he ages. RDR will provide the adopters with all of Clyde's vet records and x-rays at the time of adoption. Good with: Dogs, Kids Not tested with: Cats Must have: House with a fenced in yard and grass. House trained: Yes Energy level: Low. He likes to play and go for short walks, but he should not regularly do more strenuous activities (e.g., hikes, runs, etc.). Noise level: Mostly quiet but barks while playing with other dogs outside Hey there, I'm Clyde—a six-month-old bundle of sweetness and cuddles! I may have a few quirks with my legs, but let me tell you, my spirit is unstoppable, and my love knows no bounds. Basking in sunshine and engaging in play with both two-legged and four-legged friends bring an extra sparkle to my day. Exploring new places, particularly with my keen sense of smell leading the way, is an adventure I can't resist. Walking might be a bit tricky for me, so my walks are kept short and sweet. Anything longer than a couple of blocks, and I'm ready to take a break. Don't worry, though—I'll let you know when I'm tired, and sometimes, a lift home might be in order until I build up more strength. I'm totally okay with being picked up and held, so this isn't a problem with me! Stairs can be a bit of a challenge, but hey, I can manage. My front legs might shake, but it's just from all the excitement, not pain. I'm also up for adventures of any length if I'm riding in style! I love cruising in the car and strutting down the street in my new snazzy stroller. I love getting to smell all the smells and observe the world from a safe place! I love meeting new friends! Dogs, people—you name it. I once hung out with a whole class of preschoolers at the dog park, and it was a blast! I'm also the cutest wiggle worm. I regularly lay down on the floor and wiggle around from pure excitement! My favorite thing is sitting in your lap and getting some love in. Now, when it comes to the bathroom, I'm a pro. No accidents, and I'll do my business within a minute of being outside, especially if you give me the right cue. My crate is my safe spot, but I'm getting used to spending time outside of it too. However, I will cheerfully run into my crate when asked and I enjoy a few naps in it throughout the day. I'm a big boy, and I can handle being alone for a bit without a fuss. Treats? Sure, I like them, but I'm not crazy about food. I'm a smart cookie, though. I'm already catching onto routines and commands. My current trick repertoire includes "sit" "stay" "come" "down" "touch" "jump up" and "crate." I'm clearly a trick master! I'm also still working on "roll over" and "place." When it comes to motivation, it's all about the good vibes. I thrive on happiness and excitement, especially when you shower me with praise while giving me a good petting session. Get down to my level, and you'll have my undivided attention. Walking with me is usually smooth sailing. I'm great on the leash 99% of the time, but sometimes, I might just lay down if I'm not feeling a certain direction. Teach me a correction word (mine's "ah-ah"), and I'll catch on quick. No more pulling from me! I much prefer time outside where I can move at my own pace, observe from afar, and sniffing and exploring new places. I'm very low shedding and low maintenance grooming-wise. I'm also incredibly tolerant of care activities - such as having my teeth brushed, nails clipped, and paws wiped. I am also great in the car. It doesn't get any better than Clyde! Despite being a lively pup, I'm surprisingly well-mannered. No jumping, no nipping—I'll sit patiently and greet you with all the cuddles and kisses you could ever want. I'm not the marathon type, though. A family with a low activity level would suit me just fine. In a nutshell, I'm not just any puppy—I'm Clyde, a little guy with a big heart. With the right family, I'm ready to bring love, joy, and plenty of tail wags to my forever home. And the good news? I'm well-behaved, house trained, and an all-around joy to have around. So, if you're looking for a low-key, affectionate companion who's good with kids and gets along well with other dogs, I'm your guy. Let's make memories together! I can’t wait to find my forever home where I can share all the love I’ve got to give! My foster guardian says: “Clyde is a handsome mellow fun-loving pup. He would be perfectly fine with being petted 24/7! He also enjoys being a lap dog. He likes lying down right next to me in my home office. He is the perfect dog to take to work. Being in his crate is no problem when away from home. He is absolutely sweetness.” Likes: Bully Sticks, Sweet Potato Chews, belly rubs, sunshine, playing with other dogs/kids, sniffing, tiny bits of turkey breast. Dislikes : Peanut butter dog treats, walks, cold, smooth surfaces that are slippery, stairs My ideal home: Clyde would enjoy another playful well mannered pup to play with. Minimal stairs if any. Carpet throughout home. The ability to do short (5-10 minute) plays throughout the day. Adoption Application : http://bit.ly/adoptrdr Foster Application : https://rdr.formstack.com/forms/foster_app

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