Yoda, the pocket pittie“Remember, a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.” – Yoda


Our boy, Yoda, knows the Force…and the strength it takes to survive. He’s been able to do so because of the determination of one incredible rescue volunteer, Patti Peake.

Patti is a volunteer at Rutherford County North Carolina where the majority of Rural Dog Rescue’s dogs are pulled from. She is the liaison between the shelter and the vets, boarding, – you name it – she does it.But on top of all these wonderful things, Patti saves the lives of the dogs no one wants – the ones that aren’t adoptable- the sickest of the sick, the dogs hit by cars and left to die – the most helpless of the helpless souls. Often times Patti pays for their medical care out of her own pocket. Rural Dog Rescue is honored to help these poor dogs (Pattis Pups) on the last leg of their long journey to a forever home. Yoda is one of Patti’s pups.

Yoda has come so far!  He's well on his way to living a long and happy life... all he needs now is family to share it with!

Yoda has come so far! He’s well on his way to living a long and happy life… all he needs now is family to share it with!

The early pictures of Yoda are not easy to look at – but hey folks – this is rescue – the real side of rescue. Patti saved these doomed dogs and gave them a chance to live. Yoda will be coming to DC and soon with be a Rural Dog Rescue Dog! He is 5-6 months old and is a pocket pitty — a small friendly guy who loves everyone and loves other dogs and is ready for his forever home!

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